SEO Principles to Increase Your Website Traffic

SEO is like a dance: you never know if you will shine like a star or stumble and fall. An experienced positioner is aware that patience and reliability are the basis for achieving the goal. However, you must always know that even a large contribution of work or large investments do not guarantee success in SEO for you as an entrepreneur. On the other side of the fence is an intelligent partner who is committed to maximising their own profit. I am talking about Google.

We start SEO with a focus on quality. If you want quick and effective results, you do not expect them to be everlasting. So create a good website that is focused on SEO.

Look at the domain whose selection and purchase is discussed in the first chapter. Firstly, I will discuss the extension. It’s best for SEO if you have a higher domain (.com, .org). I am not an enthusiast of regional and exotic domains, but … in the minds of Internet users, higher-order domains have a higher rank, and in addition, if you buy a domain for example .com .fr and gain internet popularity, you will redirect some of the web traffic to owners of domains that are easier to remember, i.e. with your name, but with the extension .fr or .com.

The best names, known as generics are usually taken, but this does not preclude finding a good and legible name. Ideally, if it’s easy to remember and quick to enter in the search engine by the user. Imagine buying a banner on the road and the drivers only have a few seconds to notice your advertisement with the name of the website and remember its name. Then after some time they have to enter it into a search engine to reach your website.

Contemporary domain history is an important factor from the point of view of positioning. Bad domain history can affect us negatively. If for some reason Google punished the previous owner of the domain, maybe it wanted to get rid of it. For example, if there was a website on it, where thousands of low quality links were artificially obtained. It would not be easy to permanently clear such a story, and bad references for a domain will never disappear (or at least it’s unlikely they would).

You can check your domain history at, and link-counting tools, such as Majestic or Ahrefs, will help you evaluate inbound domain links.


A valuable and interesting website from the user’s point of view is an absolute must. In addition, the form in which we present information on the site is of great importance for user eXperience. Therefore, website navigation should make it easier to navigate the page, and texts and pictures must be existing in an intelligible form.

Your website should encourage you to stay on it, be intuitive for users and clearly communicate your message. Many web developers try to be original and come up with something that is unique to them. Thanks to this, we already have websites in the form of comics, single-colour pages and others. Unfortunately – people expect proven solutions. They do not want to waste their precious time.

It also happens that websites that are very popular in a certain country set trends for UX. Why? Because the solutions they use are known to millions of users who are used to them and therefore expect similarities elsewhere (on websites). This is the case with filters and product sorting on auction sites. Ebay and Allegro have become accustomed to their clients and if you are creating a store, it is good to take over the solutions from these sites. At least your customers will come across familiar elements.

If you plan to appear in Google’s natural results, you should focus strongly on the texts you publish. It is not only about them being unique and written especially for your website, but also about the fact that they should be interesting, well-written and accessible. In addition, extra materials – for example, titles, quotes, letters supplemented with infographics, photos and videos. See what the pages of articles from popular news sites look like.

Google prefer mobile devices, so indexes for desktops and mobile devices are separated. In some countries, for example, using a smartphone is becoming more popular than using a laptop, so it is not surprising that Google attaches such importance to responsiveness. Would you really want somebody to not be able to read your website just because it hasn’t been adapted to modern devices?

The script on which you will build your website is also of great importance. It must not contain errors, it should be protected against hacker attacks, and above all, it should ensure the continuity of your website’s operation and thus the effectiveness of this operation. Due to the wrong choice of script on which the online store is built, many companies incurred large modernisation costs. An important aspect when choosing a script are add-ons, e.g. SEO plugins (friendly URL, link redirection, etc.). I recommend asking someone who is experienced in the market for advice and then making decisions.

It is very important that your website works efficiently, displays quickly and is available 24/7. This is not possible without a good server and hosting. Small business websites do not need expensive dedicated servers. There are so many hosting providers that it is best to ask someone experienced for a recommendation (e.g. website creator). If you use the services of a new hosting provider, make sure you make a copy of your website’s security. Some hosting providers close their companies without notifying the recipients and all their data disappears. Unfortunately I’ve heard of many cases like this. Most often, however, these situations occur when the profitability of providing the service is negligible.


Basic SEO Principles:

Keyword research is fundamental for SEO
Meta Tags – Optimize title tags, descriptions, Tag images
High-Quality Content, valuable for your audience
Technical Optimisation – Improve page speed., Link internally
UX – Focus on the user experience, Simple navigation

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