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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Let me remind you that SEO is short for the English term search engine optimization and consists of two basic activities, namely optimization of websites and their positioning in search engines. The goal of website positioning and optimization is to achieve the highest possible visibility in search engines, which directly results in visits to the website in question.

Internet search engines use advanced algorithms to evaluate the site. Based on these algorithms, they sort pages by search terms and display them in search results. For example, if you search for an English language course through Google, you enter the search term. As a result, you get a list of passwords. By analyzing external factors (e.g. links to the page) and page optimization (e.g. content thematically related to the entered password) Google is able to rank these pages and display the words in them.

Positioning is an external activity, e.g. getting backlinks, mentioning your website on external websites, in social media, on forums, blogs. If you want to visualize it better, think of your website and ask a scientist. If the works of this scientist are mentioned and cited by other scientists, they gain validation and begin to be valued. Algorithms that evaluate the rank of websites work similarly. Non-important pages will not be cited, while opinion-forming pages with interesting, original and unique content are added value to the web.

Optimization, on the other hand, is an internal factor, i.e. those that build a website: technology, appearance, content. In the case of optimization, some factors are more important than others. I will try to present a universal ranking of optimization practices that are already important at the page creation stage and then those that require continuous improvement.

Positioning and optimization cannot be done once with everlasting effects. The ranking factors of the algorithms change virtually every day. In addition, artificial intelligence and modern technologies (e.g. voice search) are included in the mix. As a result, once complete, the job may last for a few months. The only proper approach is to constantly improve the site, as long as it is built according to the SEO rules and positioning activities do not significantly disturb the search engine rules (e.g. spamming links).


How is positioning different from optimization?


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